SteveTech | Computer Consulting

More than just computer consulting.


Your company uses technology every day. Your hardware and software is important, but it’s probably not the core of your business. Are your employees using the right gear? Is their software up-to-date? If not, your “IT” is probably causing a few headaches—and you might actually be losing money. That’s because productivity losses can add up from poorly configured or incorrectly maintained systems. As your IT consultant, I will select the right technology for the job, help your team use it correctly, and keep everything running smoothly. So everyone is happy.


I will add value to your company by making each department stronger.
The Cliché: “The IT Department is doing its job when no one knows it exists.”
The Rationale: “If no one’s thinking about IT, then everything must be working properly.”
The Implication: “IT’s primary role is to fix things that are broken.”

A true vision goes far beyond fixing broken technology. Visionary IT manages costs and allows each department to do its job more effectively.

Increased Productivity = Increased Profitability.
That’s my vision for your business.