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Visionary IT Consulting means more than getting the wi-fi online and backing-up your files to the cloud (although both are super important). It’s about understanding the needs of your company and your employees. It’s about listening to you and producing on-target solutions that will help your business grow.


I have successfully executed hundreds of IT related projects in areas such as:

  • Applications and IT Services (e.g. email, website, CRM, ERP, database, etc.)
  • Network and Physical Server Infrastructure
  • Cloud and Virtual Infrastructure
  • Data Center Infrastructure (Power & Cooling)
  • Help Desk Support Services
  • Hardware Purchasing, Provisioning, Support and End-of-Life
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Data Retention, Regulatory Compliance, and Information Lifecycle Management
  • Emerging Technology Guidance
  • Information Security


SteveTech | Information Technology Consulting Services


Managed growth and change
During my tenure at Sky Research, the company increased in size by a factor of six, growing from one location in Ashland to five locations nationwide. The IT Department was transformed from a single individual serving a company of 20 to an integrated team that met the needs of almost 200 employees.

Increased company profits
By minimizing infrastructure, facilitating efficiency and controlling costs, the IT Department increased profits at Sky Research without sacrificing reliability. For example, by utilizing centralized network storage technology, the IT Department reduced the cost of managing data by 65%.

Moved servers to a virtual environment
Successfully moved 75% of Sky Research servers to a virtual environment, resulting in greater ability to provision the servers more rapidly—and at lower cost—in response to new client needs and business initiatives.

Created central database for collected project data
Many terabytes of remote sensing data were collected and stored efficiently in an Oracle database, providing organization and accessibility. Implemented Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) system. Provided ongoing direction of IT personnel who helped department managers archive project data to less expensive tape storage for long-term retention.

Developed document management system for US Air Force
The system supported the munitions clean-up efforts at bases across the country by providing a centralized repository with secure online access and search for over 14,000 documents.

Deployed client-server infrastructure
Provided employees with remote access to applications through Citrix. Centralized administration reduced infrastructure in satellite offices and allowed telecommuting, which is proven to increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Implemented IBM Maximo enterprise asset management application
Successfully transitioned Sky Research from spreadsheets to IBM Maximo enterprise asset management software. All computing, geophysical, sensor and survey equipment was centrally managed by the application which eliminated individual department data silos.

Led internet protocol telephony project
Replaced aging analog phones with Cisco IP Telephony. The new system provided many advantages:

  • Placed voice communications on the data network creating unified communications by bringing together voice, video, email and instant messaging.
  • Reduced complexity by standardizing voice communication in all offices. 4-digit dialing allowed access to employees across the entire country.
  • Facilitated mobile workers, making it easier for employees to change phone extensions, voicemail, etc. when moving from office to office.
  • Provided voice conferencing and web conferencing.
  • Scaled up with company growth.
  • Saved $2000 per month in third party conference call charges


SteveTech | Information Technology Consulting Services


Magnetic survey from small unmanned aircraft
At Mountain High Aerials, we successfully designed and tested a multi-rotor sUAS magnetometer system. Our goal for this system is to enable magnetic surveys to be conducted in places where they are currently impossible. Our hope is to one day have a system that will lower the risk to people working to clean up UXO, IEDs and land mines. Our system consists of an eight-rotor unmanned multi-copter outfitted with Cesium Vapor Magnetometers and associated data recording electronics. From data collected during flights over our 100’ x 50’ test grid we were able to identify metallic objects ranging in mass from several kg to less than 150g.

Planned and executed LiDAR airborne remote sensing missions
At Sierra Romeo, we conducted several successful LiDAR missions both locally and overseas. The most complex logistically involved integration of a LiDAR sensor with a Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for use collecting data in Nepal in conjunction with University of Singapore. A large challenge in this project was the export of the LiDAR unit because it contained export (ITAR) controlled parts and it had to be integrated into the aircraft outside of the United States.