Month: December 2016

How to Manage Passwords

tl;dr  Use a Password Manager and passwords or passphrases that are random and at least 12 characters or 6 words long.

At this point you probably have passwords that at the very least contain a mix of characters and case and are not part of your name, username, etc. if for no other reason than most places a password is required will enforce some basic policies regarding the composition and complexity.

What you should be doing, is using a password management application. Password managers generate and remember unique passwords for each and every account, application, website, etc you use and only require you to remember one. Most of the businesses I consult for have ‘password lists’ but don’t yet use a password manager. Password lists have several security problems the most obvious of which is that writing down your password(s) is a bad practice. Using a password manager allows uniqueness and complexity and eliminates the need to write anything down.